Reading books like there's no tomorrow. These past few days, we had our intramurals. The consequence of attending this event is having a busy schedule next week. Books, books, books, my world is swirled with books, thoughts and schedules. Being in the business related course is a no easy task, it's pretty serious. Right now,... Continue Reading →



This morning, I had this thought about beauty, as I go out of my bed, I asked myself, "am I beautiful?" Can I call myself beautiful? We can't escape reality - in this world, people will judge you for your appearance, that's the first thing that they will notice, you have to look presentable all... Continue Reading →


Para kanino ka nga ba gumigising? that is the question, I know, naitanong na din yan sa advertisement ng isang brand ng kape. Well, sometimes I think I should go out of my comfort zone because I want to prove something, I want to share my talent to the world, I want to make a... Continue Reading →


There comes a time na tila hindi mo na alam kung ano ba talaga ang purpose mo, the REASON why you keep holding on, minsan talaga nakakaconfuse especially if napakaraming distractions sa paligid isa na dyan yung village mo sa COC, yung family mo, friends mo na makukulit, yung professor mo na kahit anong gawin... Continue Reading →


There were two of my favorite events happening everyday those are. . the SUNRISE and the SUNSET. Why? Simply because the SUNRISE gives HOPE, a hope for a new beginning, a fresh start, and chance to be better than yesterday. It gives us the hint of future, destiny, and hope. While the SUNSET gives us... Continue Reading →

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