Para kanino ka nga ba gumigising? that is the question, I know, naitanong na din yan sa advertisement ng isang brand ng kape. Well, sometimes I think I should go out of my comfort zone because I want to prove something, I want to share my talent to the world, I want to make a difference. Ayoko ng stagnant lang ako sa isang tabi habang pinapanood ang ibang tao na gawin ang part nila, alam mo yung feeling na para kang preso na walang magawa kundi magstay na lang sa kulungan habang ang ibang tao ay malaya sa labas? Mag-a-out na po ako- CHAR XD.

Pero for me, simple lang, gumigising ako para kay God because He is the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the beginning and the end- wala ng iba pa. Every morning when I wake up, I thank Him for a new day, a new life. Even if minsan may pagka pessimist ako but with Him I can manage to be an optimistic person, that everything will fall into the right place, as what they always say: SA TAMANG PANAHON. Because I believe that God will provide me what I need in the future because I pray for it and I work for it, ora et labora.

I wake up for the Philippines, and one of my goal is to do something to improve the lives of the Filipino people through reducing the inflation rate and improve the economy – hindi naman ako tatakbong politician because with being a faithful citizen of this country, you can make a difference. I wake up for the people that I love – my family, my friends, myself, without them, my life would be a mess, I should probably take more time to tell them what they mean to me because, honestly, I’m not a “vocal” person who will always say “I love you”, I don’t say it, I feel it and I show it.

How about you? For whom do you wake up?



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