This morning, I had this thought about beauty, as I go out of my bed, I asked myself, “am I beautiful?” Can I call myself beautiful?

We can’t escape reality – in this world, people will judge you for your appearance, that’s the first thing that they will notice, you have to look presentable all the time.

In my case, I am not like those people who are always having this “fresh look“, I always look haggard and stressed – if you are going to see me on weekdays. But then, whenever I take time to make myself look like a normal human, people will tell me, “hey you look pretty!”, I don’t really take compliments ( not because I’m so proud of myself, it’s because I do not have the confidence to take that compliment, I think I’m not worthy of it) so what I do is I just smile at them or else, say this line parang hindi naman.

I don’t really think I’m beautiful, a contrast to what I always tell people : “you are beautiful, there’s no ugly person“, God made us all beautiful but what’s bothering me is that I can’t apply it with myself, I still think that I’m ugly and that I didn’t have the chance to be liked by my crush or by someone else.

Now tell me, I should feel good about myself, but how?



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