Reading books like there’s no tomorrow.


These past few days, we had our intramurals. The consequence of attending this event is having a busy schedule next week. Books, books, books, my world is swirled with books, thoughts and schedules. Being in the business related course is a no easy task, it’s pretty serious.

Right now, I can feel that my astigmatism is hunting me so, I’m gonna be wearing eyeglasses sooner or later, better take good care of my eyes now than be sorry because I don’t want to wear glasses.

Hassled, busy, and confused at the same time, that’s what I’m feeling right now while taking into considerations the things that I have to do, all the stuff, my future, my career, all of these things were disturbing me.

Sometimes, we tend to be busy on the things which aren’t significant. I’m always like that, I get used to things which, apparently, are just confusions, in short, they only make my mind go insane, they leave my mind thinking unproductive things.

Example, I always think about NOTHING, basically, nothing, I’ll just lay myself in my bed and stalk people or get my guitar and sing all through out though I have a set of quizzes the next day.


Coffee helps me deal with procrastination – the ability to do nothing. The caffeine helps me strive my laziness away, it has a boosting effect for me because of it’s component.

In the past, I used not to drink coffee but as I enter the world of college, I became a certified Coffee Addict because I always stay late at night and it helps a lot. It helps me to stay awake and keep my senses alive.

Right now, after writing this blog, I’ll deal with productivity and do my homework.

How about you? How is your student life?



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