Sunday Currently 02

THOUGHTS I just want to prove something to myself, the discipline and all, I want to be a better me. . . I mean I need to because the hardest need to achieve is SELF ACTUALIZATION and I'm taking small steps to reach that. WISHING that I can reach my dream, I know it's hard... Continue Reading →



When people talk and you cannot relate to a thing. Most of the time I got this feeling when my friends would talk about things and all that I can do is to nod. Nod, the thing that I always do in order to make myself seemed not out of place because it's awkward for... Continue Reading →

Sunday Currently 01

THOUGHTS I'm thinking about how am I going to budget my allowance for tomorrow because there are lots of payments to be settled. WISHING that I can resist the charm of my crush 'cause he is too cute and too adorable to handle. I told myself that I will not be affected by him anymore... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY 01: Life of a . . .

October, for people living in the west, this is the season of AUTUMN, but for me, this is the season of burden. This month, the struggle is going to be real, today, I had no time for girly stuff, all that my mind contains is ACCOUNTING, qualifying exam is near, the so-called JUDGEMENT DAY for... Continue Reading →

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