LIFE LATELY 01: Life of a . . .

October, for people living in the west, this is the season of AUTUMN, but for me, this is the season of burden. This month, the struggle is going to be real, today, I had no time for girly stuff, all that my mind contains is ACCOUNTING, qualifying exam is near, the so-called JUDGEMENT DAY for BSA students as well as for the reviewers in the CPAR is near.


Oh well, there were going to be lots of sleepless nights, “bangag” days, zombie days, as well as cold days. Having a busy schedule is a no easy task, many people would like to cram but for me, cramming is a sense of “rushing things” wherein you cannot think as critically as possible because you’re in a rush. One positive side of CRAMMING is, quick thinking, through it, you can practice your quick thinking skills. So whenever I have time, I will be doing school stuff for me not to cram.


On the other hand, I just started to review my lessons from the past and therefore I realized that, I should’ve probably mastered them right from the start because right now, I’m the one who is suffering. REMEMBER, in anything that you do, do your best, put all the efforts needed, after that, you can tell yourself that you did an amazing job.

This month I think is the MENTAL MURDERER  MONTH for my brain cells cannot complement the lessons that I give them because of my short term memory. Sometimes, I just want to tell my parents that I will stop this thing and rather go to a culinary school than be a BSA student, but there’s something that keeps pulling me back, and by this time, I only imagine myself doing PowerPoint presentations or recording data in my workbook in Excel while having a Starbucks Coffee Mocha Frap on my table. I can see myself 2 years from now working in the business world and observing the economy for possible hyperinflation (’cause that has a huge effect on my job). Always remember, all things are possible with God, and libre ang mangarap.

So OCTOBER please be good to me!!



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