Sunday Currently 01


I’m thinking about how am I going to budget my allowance for tomorrow because there are lots of payments to be settled.

WISHING that I can resist the charm of my crush ’cause he is too cute and too adorable to handle. I told myself that I will not be affected by him anymore but every time that my friends would mention his name I tend to be out of focus.

HOPING that tomorrow, I will be able to get my sleepy head out of bed earlier than I used to, so that I can wash my hair properly.

READING Facebook posts of  my classmates regarding our mini 18th birthday surprise for Ana, we gave her gifts and she said that she got “kilig” because I gave her chocolates and I’m overwhelmed because she likes it.

WRITING this blog called SUNDAY CURRENTLY first of all because it’s Sunday and of course someone from Twitter told me about Siddathornton and this blog, she thinks I’m going to love it – I think so ’cause this is getting really exciting for my playful – imaginative mind.

LISTENING to the music that they play on the radio and I have no idea what are those songs, but I shall say, they are beautiful – classic.

WEARING a pair of flats, pants, a v – neck gray shirt and a necklace with butterfly pendant.

EATING basically nothing ’cause I attended the mass and one rule that I follow is Eucharistic fast wherein 1 hour before the mass, you should eat or drink nothing.

This is my first post about SUNDAY CURRENTLY and I’m happy about it, I think this is going to be part of my weekly routine, thank you Desiree from Twitter who told me about it. God Bless us all and have a blessed Sunday!



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