When people talk and you cannot relate to a thing.


Most of the time I got this feeling when my friends would talk about things and all that I can do is to nod. Nod, the thing that I always do in order to make myself seemed not out of place because it’s awkward for me, specially if among the group, I’m the only one who cannot relate.

Have you experienced the same thing?

I have thought of the things that you can do whenever you feel out of place:

STAY, if you feel like you’re out of place with your friends, don’t be too rushed to go out of the situation, because you might want to hear the issue first or you should look at the situation first, make sure that they will not feel that you are not interested with their topic. Maybe, if you stay a little longer, you can figure out what they are talking about.

ASK one friend about the topic, if you do not want to be the laughing stock of the circle, you can just ask one instead of asking the whole group. But still they are your friends so I know you can count on them.

WAIT for them to finish the topic maybe in a short while they will end the conversation about it and then switch to the topic where you can relate.

EXCUSE yourself, if you really can’t handle it anymore, there’s nothing bad with going out or else excuse yourself from them and make yourself busy with other things.

Remember, we are humans who have feelings and one of those that we don’t want is the feeling of exception. The feeling of being out of place, there’s nothing bad with leaving them with their conversation, just let them and do your business.



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