Sunday Currently 02


I just want to prove something to myself, the discipline and all, I want to be a better me. . . I mean I need to because the hardest need to achieve is SELF ACTUALIZATION and I’m taking small steps to reach that.

WISHING that I can reach my dream, I know it’s hard to achieve but it’s not impossible to reach.

HOPING that I can resist the temptation to procrastinate especially this week ’cause there are lots of things that I have to do in order for me to survive this semester.

READING my books to refresh the things that I had learned from this semester for me to be able to apply them soon.

WRITING/DRAWING Ate Maine Mendoza as the protagonist on our comic strip, I’m having a hard time to draw her face because her expressions we’re difficult to draw thus, her face is still beautiful.

LISTENING to the JEALOUS cover by JOSEPH VINCENT ’cause I love his voice, it’s soothing and relaxing at the same time, he sound like Ed Sheeran.

WEARING my usual “pambahay” pair of shorts and my old NSTP shirt.

EATINGYum Yum“, a treat that compose of stick – shaped biscuit and chocolate dip, this used to be my childhood favorite.

I’m really having a good time writing this blog, I thought I’m not able to do this because of the things that I’m doing (it’s a busy Sunday for me). But then I realized that, if you really want to do something, you’ll still find time to do it no matter how busy you are. . .
HAVE A BLESSE SUNDAY! God Bless Everyone!!!



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