Sunday Currently 04

Today, I go to church all by myself and thanked God for all the blessings that I have received. Having a rest in the arms of our loving Father is a wonderful thing and through it, you can find peace despite of all the stress that you're going through. By the way, here are the... Continue Reading →



Minsan, alam mo yung feeling na para kang nakakapit sa edge ng isang bangin? yung tipong gusto mo nang bumitaw dahil pagod at nangangalay ka na? Just to share this with you my readers, I think, I'm on that point right now. Going through the hardships at yung hardships na yun yung unti unti ding... Continue Reading →

Starting Point

Going through the eye of  a needle is impossible 'cause I'm too big for that! No, we're not gonna take that on a literal way. What am I trying to say is that, sometimes, we should go through a lot of problems, discouragements, failures and beaucoup obstacles in order for us to reach the things... Continue Reading →

Sunday Currently 03

THOUGHTS: What am I going to wear for my friend's birthday? I'm having a hard time picking and matching clothes inside my closet whenever occassions demand for it. (girl problems) WISHING that I can survive this semester and continue with my life. HOPING that I get to understand the book that I've been reading since... Continue Reading →


It's been weeks since I got to have a chance to write things about my life and I got this random thought about happiness. What defines happiness? First of all, I want to relate this term to CONTENTMENT. We humans, according to the principles of economics have "unlimited needs and wants" - yes, that is... Continue Reading →

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