It’s been weeks since I got to have a chance to write things about my life and I got this random thought about happiness.

What defines happiness?

First of all, I want to relate this term to CONTENTMENT. We humans, according to the principles of economics have “unlimited needs and wants” – yes, that is our nature and sometimes, once is not enough for us.

In order for us to be happy with what we have, we should first appreciate the simple things that makes children happy, why? Simply because children is a great example of having contentment, they appreciate even the simplest and smallest thing that someone can do to them.

If you would analyze it, right from the start, God provided us the things that we need. We started from simple things, and share the resources equally. If the rich would only share their resources to others, no one is going to be called POOR, in fact we only have 3 basic necessities: FOOD, SHELTER, and CLOTHING but what is established now as part of our needs is: FANCY CLOTHING, FANCY FOOD, FANCY SHELTER, WiFi, SMARTPHONE, etc. but WHY??

If you want a snap back to reality and happiness, look at the children and see what you come up with. . .



3 thoughts on “Happy

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  1. I seriously agree with this post of yours. Happiness could somehow come from the materialistic things that we are gaining through time, but real happiness will always be about the genuine feeling we get from the most little things in life. Be it home, laughter, satisfaction, friends, or family.

    Let’s just hope everyone realizes that! 🙂 Great post!

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