Sunday Currently 03


What am I going to wear for my friend’s birthday? I’m having a hard time picking and matching clothes inside my closet whenever occassions demand for it. (girl problems)

WISHING that I can survive this semester and continue with my life.

HOPING that I get to understand the book that I’ve been reading since yesterday.

READING a book about financial accounting and trying to understand each and every piece of it like a dog trying to learn a new trick – rereading the sentences to fully understand it.

WRITING this blog ’cause I’ve been missing in the blogging world for like three weeks now due to the typhoon that hit our province.

LISTENING to this song that I do not know, basically because it’s a random song on the radio but I shall say that it’s relaxing – I’m loving the melody.

WEARING my “pambahay” attire because I attended the mass yesterday so right now, I’m on my “usual” clothes.

EATING a bowl of instant “batchoy”- flavored noodles as my breakfast for today.

WANTING a cup of dark chocolate milktea because I would need it as my “calming” drink.

I missed doing this blog due to the happenings in the past weeks but what’s more important is that I’m here to catch up and share the things about my life.



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