Starting Point

Going through the eye of  a needle is impossible ’cause I’m too big for that!


No, we’re not gonna take that on a literal way. What am I trying to say is that, sometimes, we should go through a lot of problems, discouragements, failures and beaucoup obstacles in order for us to reach the things that we dream for ourself.

During the past week, I therefore realized that people shouldn’t be afraid of doing sacrifices in order for them to achieve something. I-personally, am afraid to perpetrate sacrifice and use my time to do something (which by the way can have a huge impact on my life). I like to procrastinate especially during the cold weather, or rather check out my phone and do nothing though we have a quiz the next day.

And a twist and turn happened to me when I passed the qualifying examination, I couldn’t believe that I can do things like that, it’s a big deal for me because I know that I’ve done a huge sacrifice during the review before the exam but what makes my mind doubt is that: I know to myself that I didn’t do my very best for that achievent and that I know that if I just do it to my fullest potential, I can achieve better. . .

Most of us, probably were afraid of trying new ways to improve ourselves but what I’ve learned is that we can actually try the old stuff in a different way – not actually changing it.



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