Sunday Currently 04

Today, I go to church all by myself and thanked God for all the blessings that I have received. Having a rest in the arms of our loving Father is a wonderful thing and through it, you can find peace despite of all the stress that you’re going through.


By the way, here are the things that I’m doing – currently this Sunday after mass.

My schedule this semester because I only got 5 school days a week!! (YAYYY for the weekend!! 😁🙌) Finally, I’m free during Saturdays and Sundays!

A serving of lasagna and spaghetti from my favorite pizza parlor ’cause I’ve been missing them so much.

About some activities that I will do this coming December including the amount of money that I will spend (gastos pa more!)

That I can finally paint my nails with the face of Baymax ’cause he’s too adorable.

Some books that can help me survive my school this week.

New pair of earphones ’cause music has been part of my daily life. #incomplete

A cup of hot dark chocolate that I bought a while ago from a convinient store.

That I could live my life meaningful and faithful.

Always remember, make it to the point that every Sunday, you are going to have time to bond with your family. Try to catch up despite of your busy schedule. Have a blessed Sunday! So, how’s your Sunday – currently?



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