It’s been a busy semester for me that’s why hindi pa ako ulit nakakapag-update ng blog ko but hey! I’m back!

I just saw that it’s been 2 months since my last post which is . . . Sunday Currently blog and I was kinda wondering, how do I end up here? I mean how do I end up on not updating my blog? Ano nga ba ang nangyari?

For all of our knowledge, I got so busy in school in these past months ’cause I’m in second year college now and things got pretty serious with regards to my school and my grades and stuff.

But I am glad that finally, I got to create a new blog entry and just wanna tell y’all that I have a new story on Wattpad, so if you won’t mind, I’m inviting you to go and check it out it’s called “Post Dated Relationship” and I would be happy if you could see this and let me know your insights about it.




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