Sunday Currently 05


Yesterday was a blast, I spent my morning on a fun run at 5:00 A.M. and then come back for the party at 5:30 P.M. it’s not that tiring isn’t it? it just made me sleepy and hungry. So now, it’s Sunday and guess what? it’s Valentine’s Day.

√ I was thinking about the things that I can do in order for me to pack things up in my brain before March which is the end of the semester.

√ That finally, the *tocino will finally thaw itself so that I can eat it for breakfast

*a tocino is a pork marinated with salt, brown sugar, etc. which is usually eaten during breakfast.

√ A serving of accounting principles and exercise my brain foe it to remember things.

√ This friend of mine who is acting like he doesn’t know me at all and when we meet or pass by each other in the school hallway, we would not talk like what we used to.

√ A box of chocolates in order for me to feel great.

√ To the stories of my cousins that they tell to my mom.

√ Of my forever. . . .

It’s Valentine’s day! Make sure you’ll not get any bitter than a bitter gourd okay?



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