LIFE LATELY 03: Being this Pessimistic Optimistic Person


These past few days becomes physically and mentally tiring for me so I told myself that I should probably write my thoughts now before my brain explodes.

So, basically I’ve been going through this dramatic and traumatic moment of being a college student. I’ve been experiencing different negative things which came out of my own imaginative mind while overthinking, I know it’s crazy but I can’t help to think about school, exams, exams and exams that would be next week.

I don’t what else to do! I’m confused! Do you know the feeling when you know that you’ve understand that lesson but then when you take the quiz, you got a low score? That’s the feeling that crushed my momentum on being the usual optimistic me.

I don’t feel confident now, because I feel that I cannot do something great or something that’s worth it. I’ve done a lot of exams, quizzes, seatworks, homeworks, etc. but none of them is enough. Also, I’ve been busy on reviewing my lessons because the final exmas are coming and I’ve been working for it weeks now but I don’t see any progress from myself.

Is it really happening or is it just me?



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