LIFE LATELY 04: Habbits

That feeling when you’re trying to get focus and will power but things just don’t work out for you. . .

As the song “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie Moana goes: I’ve been staring at the edge of the water, long as I can remember, never really knowing why; I know that Moana and I are on the same boat, kidding aside, Christmas break is almost done and school starts again and I’m cramming! As much as I wanted to prevent this type of situation, I just can’t simply run past through it and I don’t even know why. I spent the past week sitting with my phone while watching Korean Dramas, I tried my best to stop it but I just simply can’t! I’ve been addicted to it to the point that I would spend the whole day just watching tons of episodes from Doctors to Love in the Moonlight without even touching my accounting books that is why I’m doomed.

Oh my phone! my best bud! plus the oppas and unnies that I’ve been admiring for months now! Ugh! But I have priorities! I know that K-Drama (Korean Drama) have infected my system and it’s going crazy but I have to compose myself and get back on the track from the midst of the forest of magical, tempting, and addicting story plots that every K-Drama can provide. I’m crying and dying inside while my conscience fills up my brain with the things that I should’ve done while I’m on my break, my goals, my plans and my dreams simply vanished while I’m under the spell of the ever effective form of procrastination – curiosity.

Don’t get me wrong but, I am not trying to put the blame on K-Dramas but myself of course, I already told myself that I will do this and that after our local convention but Christmas was over and I’m struggling to catch up with all my school work, I just hope and pray that I can do better this year and my goals and plans towards my good study habbits would work out for me. I just want to be a good student who contains self discipline, knowledge, and right attitude, but it turns out that there were lots of hindrances that are waiting for me throught this journey, I know, I know, it tough but I will never give up! and I can make it through the rain, the limit, the war and even through the fire – wait what?

Since I have the will power now, I guess I should go back to solving taxation problems with my handy-dandy calculator, see you on my next blog! 💋


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