Sunday Currently | 06

This Sunday is kinda different because it’s New Year! Everyone of us greeted the year 2017 and celebrated last night, and it just so happens that I woke up at 9:00 a.m. today still feeling dizzy – I know, it sucks, it is not the best feeling to wake up to but guess what? I’m here on my blog writing this Sunday Currently entry.

Yes! it’s 2017! Welcome to another year full of fun, adventures, challenges, changes, etc. Today is the page 1 out of 365 pages to fill, I don’t know why but I have these mixed emotions and feelings about this year, I want to accomplish things, travel, and excel in my field. Many things want to fill up my goals, I want to have this called Life Goals, I’m wondering how to do it, I want to change for the better and for good, to improve myself and be a blessing to others, I know it’s not going to be easy but it’s possible.

I hope you guys who are reading this will have the best year that you can have, God bless us!


Wishing. That I get to fill up my New Year  Goals list and of course attain them. Just so you know, I wanna write a blog about that too 😉. And of course I wish you all a happy new year.

Writing. This Sunday Currently blog, oh thanks to Siddathornton by the way for the inspiration about this blog that most of us bloggers were writing about, it helps us to accentuate our inner creativity and passion about writing.

Watching. The hercules animated movie on T.V. while waiting for my mom to come home, yes I’m writing this blog while watching, that’s called multitasking.

Planning. To read and study later on after I finished writing this blog and solve a set of my daily practice test for myself to improve my critical thinking skills and to also review the concepts in my head.

Hoping. That I get to put myself together and have more courage to be a matured person as I take the step towards my 18th birthday, yay! so excited!

Feeling. Good about my friendship with this person, I’m happy that he is my friend and that our friendship is full of silly and crazy conversations which made me relieved from stress. Whenever we talk, I feel comfortable and satisfied, it’s just amazing.

Praying. That I get to put my grades together and survive this semester.

Well, that’s all that I’m doing currently, hoping to find what’s yours, just be comfortable to share it with me. God bless! 😙


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