New Goals


Since 2017 na, I just want to share this thought about New Year’s Resolutions na most of us want to do pero it turns out na after days, weeks, or months, hindi na aattain, btw, why so conyo?

Me? wala akong resolutions, but what I have is New Goals not New Year’s Resolution why? kasi kapag sinabi nating New Year’s Resolution, parang yung resolutions is for new year lang, hanggang bagong taon lang, eh pano kung naging luma na ang taon like after 4 months? makes sense? yes, it does.

According to the Merriam – Webster, the word resolution means the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. implying na we are thinking of the things we want in life like a conflict that needs to be resolved, no! it is not, the things that we want in life should be attained not resolved, kailangan natin yung eagerness to attain those goals not just to find an answer kasi sometimes, trying to find an answer to a problem is just a waste of energy and time – stress; therefore, we should attain it and never get tired of it, if you really want something you should go for it, sometimes you don’t need those kind of explanations and scientific reasons all you need is to get up and aim your eyes on the prize.


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I’m possible

Road trips are the best if not planned, mas may thrill if you just go and let yourself make the way to your goals, no hesitations and no further explanations. If there is a conflict during the process, then resolve it, you don’t have to work hard but to work smart, just solve every puzzle that life gives you, solve it in a fun and different way. Ok, but I have a disclaimer, some of you might think na “pano yun? hindi na ko magpeprepare and I’ll just sit back and relax? wala na kong gagawin?” of course meron, how can you attain your goal if wala kang gagawin right? My point here is that you should change the approach of attaining your wants, I mean maybe you just have to change your perspective, look for another angle, or change goals, it is up to you, be creative! be positive! everything happens for a reason – I know cliché.


Worry less, pray more. Ora et labora

To end this, I just want to tell you guys that no matter what happens, just keep your faith and let God be your guide promise, matutupad mo rin ‘yang goals mo, maybe hindi ngayon, malay mo bukas or next year, just be patient not a patient ok? 


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