Sunday Currently | 07

I’ve been cramming and nervous by how my year (as a student) had started, there were many things that I need and want to do, I just get frustrated by how am I going to do it. I want everything to be at their right places, I just don’t know what else should I do.But then, I’ve been questioning myself; “Have I done all that I can?” ’cause I think, my efforts aren’t enough, and I want to use it effectively and efficiently, I know, Papa God is always there, watching over me so I will not give up that easily, I will not stop here, I will go further to know my limits and what’s limitless. I’m getting ready to do this!

Yeah so I’m here, currently taking a break from solving accounting problems which are pressing and turning my brain upside down, however, I still wanted ro share to you what I’m doing currently that’s why I’m here.


Writing. This blog entry because I feel so bad to have skipped my task to do so in last Friday for I’m so busy.

Waiting. For a miracle to happen because I believe in miracles.

Hoping. That I will not end up in the hospital because of brain damage.

Wishing. That I have a laptop right now so that I can type better and faster.

Wanting. Lasagna and a cone of rocky road ice cream (yum!)

Listening. No– actually I’m hearing the music coming from the videoke in the house of my aunt which is few meters away from our house because today is my cousin’s birthday.

So yeah, that’s what I’m doing currently as of this time, hope you all are having a great Sunday too! Be stress free unlike me. Kidding aside, a blessed Sunday to everyone!


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