LIFE LATELY 05: Believe

FAITH is seeing light with your heart when all that your eyes can see is darkness.

That feeling of insecurity that arises whenever someone is around, or the feeling of inferiority whenever you took an exam and everyone ace it except for you. Yes, I know the feeling, I just don’t know if it’s our nature as humans to be competitive especially if it has something to do with achieving something, we like to compare ourselves from one another yet feel insecure and inferior with each other despite being different.For me, it feels so awkward to be around with people who are so vocal about their achievements and stuff- not them being boastful though, but the fact is, hearing those things makes me feel inferior and insecure about it and I just don’t know why. I know that I want to be this and that but I still feel like it’s impossible because I always tend to compare myself to others and overthink about it, it turns out, I feel more insecure and less competent about the skills and traits that I have. I feel so different, to the point that I just don’t know who I was, I’m hopeless, drained, and speechless, it feels like my brain is going to explode anytime because of information overload.

Despite all of this chaotic ideas going through my head, nothing can stop me from looking for ways to achieve my dream because I have faith and belief, I know that God is there to guide me whether it’s a yes or a no, I will keep moving forward, I will never give up until I reach my dreams, I will be the best of me and I can be the person of inspiration and motivation.


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