Song Choice

Ed Sheeran had just released two new singles last Friday and I’m still in awe, ’cause I’ve been waiting for this since his album “X (multiply)” and his single called “Castle on the Hill” is my favorite between the two, it gives me this vibe of going through the good old times that I had in my childhood, it makes me cry and it gives me chills.

When I got to listen to this song for the first time, I immediately told myself, I’m inlove! Songs nowadays are catchy, upbeat, and full of these electronically produced sound effects, unlike those songs from the singer-songwriters that we know like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Charlie Puth, Megan Trainor, etc. their songs aren’t just melody but poetry with lyrics which are expressive and ravishing that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach and chills all over.

Think of this, great melody is the feels to the music while a lyric makes a song, a person’s beliefs and perception about life reflects on his taste of music but it doesn’t mean that your taste of music defines who you are, the type of music that a person likes depends on his style, personality, experiences and feelings. Songs are way of expressing feelings as well as coping with problems that one has, that’s why the lyrics are the life of a song for me, well, there are exceptions, but as far as pop music is concerned, these are my thoughts about how music is changing from time to time to the point that sometimes, those popular songs that get the world dancing doesn’t seem to have a deeper meaning into it.
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