Failure is not a defeat unless you stop trying. . .

This mantra has been going on through my life for 7 years now, and I can say that I’ve learned quite a lot from this statement. As human beings, failure is inevitable but that is not the reason why we should stop doing our best, failure is not an excuse to quit and ruin your life, it is a natural part of the ecosystem that we live in – there is always a predator and a prey.

As a person instilled with dignity and free will, one must go through different flavors of life in order to preserve these treasures that we have right from the moment that we are born. Sometimes, we must go through different paths to find ourselves and fulfill our duties. But we cannot deny that there are factors that influence our lives that’s why, we tend to forget our goals and aspirations in life.

FEAR. We are always afraid to fail because we don’t want the feeling of being rejected, embarassed or humiliated. That unpleasant and awkward atmosphere that was created whenever you walk among the crowd and everyone looks at you in a weird kind of way or the feeling of having to face someone but then you still don’t have the courage or confidence because you’re not a social-kind of person, either way or so, fear is instilled in us, sometimes, it can be our human instincts or just our imaginations, but then, you might never know unless you try, right?

APPROVAL. Some people nowadays are too conscious about their style, attitude and appearance all because they don’t want to be judged and gain approval instead. We refrain ourselves from doing something that we want or from acting like how we want because of what people might think of us, that is always a case specially now that we are in the computer age surrounded by the oozing and booming industry of social media where physical appearance always matters, where posts, reactions, and likes makes the world move around, that the moment you make a single tiny bit of mistake or you appear a bit unusual than the trend, people will judge you or make fun of you. 

Imagine that just a single post or picture can ruin someone’s reputation and future, that’s supposedly not the case, but what is happening to us? The road to success isn’t perfect, other’s approval will not define you, it shall not stop you from doing what you love, it shall not make you fail, it shall not affect your being because what they cannot see in you can be seen by God, so don’t worry and do what you must as a person, as a human being, make a change for the better!

INSECURITY. Besides all those environmental factors that can affect someone, we all have these tiny voices in our heads that says something about us. Evaluating oneself can lead to pessimistic approach which will give way to insecurities through comparison with other people. “Oh, I hope that I’m as smart as her” or “I wish I’m like him” – whatever is the case, we must not compare ourselves to others, we all have our own ways and paths to trace, no person is the same as the other and no one will ever be, because we are created by God in his own image and likeness, and He does want us to treasure ourselves as much as He treasures us. 

Our talents, skills, and physical features have a purpose and we must use it to spread hope, love, peace, and joy to the society, we need this now, and appreciate each and every bit of ourselves, sometimes, one must learn how to love himself first in order for him to give love to others. Turn your insecurities into confidence, just take your time and let the whole world know your existence and make that existence be worth it, don’t let your insecurities burn your dreams into ashes, let your insecurities light that fire inside your heart, that will that you have in your mind, that courage that you keep inside you, that faith that you have, nothing is impossible, it is all possible with our Creator, you always have Him, believe in yourself, ‘build from the bottom of the pit to the top and don’t hold back’ (Phrase from the song, It’s Time by Imagine Dragons).

LIFE. Some people may be born with a silver spoon on the mouth but it doesn’t mean that we (common people) will fail neither they cannot assure success. No matter how your way of life is, it doesn’t actually matter, people often use their way of life as an excuse to fail, but that is not the point, everyone of us has different lives and different ways to live, even a poor can be successful because success isn’t measured by just wealth, success is measured through perspective and outlook in life, it is not about having fancy cars, jewelries, properties, and money, success is about how you approach life, it is about true happiness!

Successful people maybe wealthy but what makes them successful is that they found true happiness and self fulfilment with their craft, they love what they do . They don’t rely on just earning money but the fulfilment of their purpose, the ultimate goal is not to be rich physically but rather to be rich with love from the people around them. Life had never been easy but no one says that it is impossible to survive from, just have faith, look straight, and enjoy your journey, indulge the moments of happiness where you can rely from and run through the tiny bit of sadness and failure to learn from, do not make excuses, start with yourself and help others, pursue on your dreams and make it happen, believe in God, in yourself, and in those people that surround you, life may be rough but it’s worth living.

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A ttempt

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L earning

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