Sunday Currently | 09

  Starting a new day with new life, new me, and new things to come. I just can't wait to start my full - month review this coming summer and go back to being a bookworm that I always used to be, caring about knowledge before anything else in between. Listening. To Maroon 5's Sunday Morning because it's... Continue Reading →


LIFE LATELY 09: I have my plans

I have plans too, I just don't pursue them. . .  Google Calendar, Time Tune, Note Pad, etc., I always use them, people always use them to create plans to guide them with their goals - maybe for a day or for the week, however, for me it's not the case, I always have my... Continue Reading →

Quotes | 03

Sometimes, it takes a lot of patience and waiting to get what you want, and a lot of efforts to get what you deserve.

LIFE LATELY 08: Competing with Time

I didn't know that I've been competing with time for the past 7 years. Competing with everyone isn't healthy choice. For the past years, I was struggling and now, I've learned to let go of the feeling of competing. Humans are competitive beings - that is our nature, however, I feel like I've been into... Continue Reading →

Discovering Your Passion

Seriously, I know that I love to do things but, what really is my passion? As the days go pass by me, I came to realize, that I truly have a passion for numbers and calculations, never have I ever thought of that for the past years of my life! I thought, I have a passion... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY 06: Summer?

Summer? what was that? Many of us were preparing for summer every single year, however, in the past 2 years, I hadn't quite known and experienced summer. Summer classes  are the hindrance that's why, I can't go to the beach, or go out of town just like what other people are doing because I have... Continue Reading →


I have something inside me Something that’s been hiding for years It covers me in shell but I want to be free For a long period of time it lead me to tears   I can’t stand it anymore Don’t want to hide no more I don’t want to be a fool ‘Cause I know... Continue Reading →

Quotes | 02

Maturity doesn't come with age, it doesn't come with experience neither, maturity is the way of how a man sees the world and adopt to it with an open mind and heart to know when to resist and when to insist.

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