Sunday Currently | 08


As I’ve been looking back from my last post, I realized that it is from two months ago and that I haven’t posted in a while so here’s a little sort of update about what I did this Sunday:

Watching. The Beauty and the Beast (1991) movie though I’ve seen it for like a hundred times now, however, every time I watch that animated film, I feel something inside me – the emotions getting through inside of me, mixed of happiness and sadness, and some sort of the so called ‘butterflies’ in my stomach which never changes for the time being of me watching the movie since I was like 6 years old.

Riding. A bicycle, yes, I do love biking but I haven’t got to in a while because the bicycle that I used had been broken, however, in our house, we have a bicycle which is owned by my dad, so, we had his colleague visit us to bring my laptop as well as some parts for the bike like the pedals and the tires and do the job of assembling it for us to be able to ride it, and so I did! I rode the bike back and forth in our community and I got to the market, which is really fun.

Wondering. About what just happened to me last Saturday, where I caught a fever during my class and it really bothered me, that’s why I hadn’t focused on the exams and I nearly fail! thank goodness I got like a half of the score percentage, however it was still a term exam, but what can I do about it other that getting back up, on my feet, with knowledge and courage right?

Listening. To the symphony number 40 of Mozart to help me get to sleep ’cause I’ve been an insomniac these past few days which is really crazy, because I struggle to go to bed at night and later in the morning, I still struggle, to get up and prepare for school which isn’t desirable at all.

Waiting. And counting down for the release of the 2017 Disney’s live-action film of Beauty and the Beast, and may I just say, that no matter what, I am going to see that film not caring about the auto-tune thing that other people say because I think that the casting is great and I expect that they will give justice and twist to the characters. So just back-off haters!

Hoping.To be a more positive and matured person on the days to come and be able to become disciplined as ever.

So yeah, basically these are the things that I get to do this Sunday, hope you had a good one as much as I do, God bless and thanks for taking time to read this post.


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