LIFE LATELY 07: How to be like Belle?


Yesterday (March 19, 2017) I got to see the live -action movie, “Beauty and the Beast” and it was magical!

In the past few days since the Philippine release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, I had been asking my mom if I could go and watch the movie, so we got to the mall which is a one hour – drive from home to watch it. I’ve been so happy because Belle is my favorite Disney princess, I wasn’t really into those princess kind-of-stuff when I was a child, but when my dad introduced me to Beauty and the Beast, my perspective changed, I’ve heard of fairytales during that time like, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, and more however when I got to watch the 1991 animated film, I was so amazed by Belle – she is such a beautiful woman, inside and out, she’s independent and peculiar in a good way.

As for the fact that the movie was a musical also got me, for your information my dear readers, I love music!, I really do, it’s been my best friend ever since, going back, as I was saying, Belle had been a huge part of my childhood she is my heroine, she’s strong, brave and beautiful at the same time, that’s why I kept asking, how to be like Belle? I’ve never seen a person like her, I wanna be like Belle, not because of the looks but because of her unconditional love for her father, her love for books, her understanding of the world – the great wide somewhere, her braveness, her nonjudgmental attitude, and her pure heart.

download (1)

I hope that this movie will be a reminder for us that despite of the world we live in, we should not strive to always blend in or fit in but we should not be afraid to be a peculiar. We should also ask ourselves, how to be like Belle? she should serve as good example not only for the children but specially, for us adults too, she is not just a Disney princess or character, she is a good role model for people to learn that the real beauty is on the inside. True love is not all about the physical looks, it  is all about the faith and courage that you should have in order to deal with it, love is about appreciating what matters the most, and those are the things which are not seen but can be felt by the heart.


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