Discovering Your Passion

DSC_1623Seriously, I know that I love to do things but, what really is my passion?

As the days go pass by me, I came to realize, that I truly have a passion for numbers and calculations, never have I ever thought of that for the past years of my life! I thought, I have a passion for cooking more than these technicalities that’s been going on around me, I kept thinking, “should I just shift courses?”, or “what am I doing here again?”. You know, it takes time to discover what you really want in life, yes we do love things, me, I love reading, writing, photography, biking and cooking but my passion is, crunching numbers – accounting, calculations, numbers everywhere. It is really hard to find what are is the thing that your most passionate about, but then make sure to know to distinguish it from the things that you love because passion is that kind of love that will make you feel numb about the world and makes you less care about it because you are only focused on that passion of yours.

I have a list of some of the things that might be a factor in discovering your passion:

Self – discovery. As for discovering your passion, you should first discover yourself, your character, strengths, weaknesses, personality, etc. It is going to be a great foundation to know what are the things that you love.

Love for the things that you do. In some cases, people find their passion out of the things that they don’t actually like at first, so whatever you’re doing right now in your life, learn how to love it, little do you know, you’re destined for that, besides, God out you in that task for a reason. 

Commitment. Passion takes commitment, that will to commit to do that thing for almost the rest of your life is one factor, because passion isn’t seasonal, it’s personal, it is like a lifeline, that one thing you can’t live without.

Effort. You put effort on the thing that you’re most passionate about, you always want the best for that passion, you want to do it right, and give justice to it, you always want the best results, and you give all you’ve got without even thinking about the rewards for that effort because you just love what you do and your passionate about it, and when you feel all of this, you know it’s your passion, no excuses, no reasons.

That’s why, the most passionate people are the most likely to succeed because having that kind of passion in your soul and love in your heart without even thinking about the “success”is what makes a man successful.


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    1. I appreciate your comment thank you so much! comments like this give me urge to write more. Hope that you’ve discovered your own passion God bless! 😀


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