LIFE LATELY 09: I have my plans

DSC_3735I have plans too, I just don’t pursue them. . . 

Google Calendar, Time Tune, Note Pad, etc., I always use them, people always use them to create plans to guide them with their goals – maybe for a day or for the week, however, for me it’s not the case, I always have my plans but I don’t execute them, I mean, I can’t seem to execute them, and I just found out why.

Earlier, I was at school trying to hold my grip so not as to have the urge to sleep in class, I buried my mind in the lake of thoughts about my plans for the future – career, travels, family, me time, and other goals and I came to realize of “how am I going to make these things happen? ” I’m just a small dot from this big big world that we live in, and I can’t seem to think of a way to have the life that I want, but now I now the reason why.


  1. Maybe I’m just rushing things, my mom always tells me – “you can’t get anything you want”, I can’t seem to understand it before but now, I can feel the reality of life, sometimes, things seemed not work out, efforts – lots of efforts being thrown away in the recycle bin, the emotions, time and space that you give doesn’t seem to satisfy the desire of your soul – the will of your mind. As the old saying goes, “everything takes time” sometimes, it takes a lot of patience and waiting to get what you want, and a lot of efforts to get what you deserve.
  2. I think that I just worry too much, life isn’t all about thinking, its about having the guide for pursuing your actions, I just spend too much time imagining my future without thinking of some circumstances, we didn’t live in a fairytale where dreams can happen with a little help from an enchantress or a fairy godmother, I’m not saying that people should stop imagining because:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

-Albert Einstein

3. Lastly,  I have too many excuses, just excuses, and procrastination. Whenever I know that I have a lot of time, I always tend to abuse it, so I ended up procrastinating and doing things which do not contribute to the process. Self discipline is the key to unlock the cage of laziness that surround me and free me from it, I just wish the key that I was holding is the right key for that or else, I will end up opening another door of procrastination and temptation which can taint my whole system, again.

Well, despite these circumstances, I will still be the same person that everyone knows, just a little bit better than my past self, with a touch of self discipline and perseverance with a pinch of diligence and commitment, I will continue to explore the world of imagination that only I can go to, keep on dreaming and continue to fulfill it!


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