Introverts fills up 16% – 50% of the population, well, that’s a lot and guess what? I’m one of them. . . 

How does it feel?

The feeling of an introvert? well, for me, there are lots of moments when I only want to spend time alone, no noises, no interactions, no distractions, just me, alone, in my room with my books, laptop, and cellphone. Basically, that’s my life! I do have friends of course, I’m a human being too, I have my best friend and we’re together for almost 4 years now and yeah, we’re still going strong you know, I’m so thankful to her because she always understands me and still wants to stay by my side to be my best friend.

Most of the time, people thinks that I’m snob or unapproachable, I’m actually not, if you are going to ask my friends, I’m kind of sassy and silly, I’m not always serious it’s just that I’m a socially awkward person, I can’t stand going on parties or gatherings, meeting people is a challenge for me, it may seem easy for some to approach people but it takes a lot of self encouragement and deep breaths for me to pull a simple “hi!” or smile, I’m just not that sociable. As what they say, we live in the world of extroverts so at the end of the day, lots of introverts are out there, pretending to be extroverts in order to survive.


Understanding an introvert

If you have an introverted friend, I think you should know these things to be able not to misinterpret their actions:

  1. People – please, just please! Do not put an introvert into socially awkward situations because interacting with people feels just like a maze – there seemed to be no way out.
  2. Personal Space – we need this, like a lot. Personal space is so important that sometimes, we don’t want people bugging us, at all, if we like to be alone, then let us be.
  3. Freedom – we want much more than this boring life! Introverts love freedom – from noise, exhaustion, and frustration. Independence is key for our survival, we mostly rely on ourselves and on our weird hobby to get by with life.

These three points that I’ve pondered doesn’t only and always apply to introverts, sometimes, extroverts does too! It’s just that I want people to be aware of how introverts feel in order for you to understand us, as well as yourself (if you’re an introvert too). We are often misunderstood because of our actions or defense mechanisms, people judge other people by looks on the faces or actions that may seem to send an inappropriate signal, I hope that people becomes more aware of these psychological factors because sometimes, its just so hard to understand someone when you haven’t been in his position and situation, may this post serve as an awakening message for all of us. Spread the love!


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