Life Lately 10: Life at Work


I was so exhausted these past few days but I learned a lot.  . .

Coming home late at night, spending long hours sitting on a chair facing loads of paper works, coming early to the office before other employees – it sucks. I’ve been really busy these past few days and that is the biggest reason as to why I’m not posting recently, it’s because I’m working. . .not really working for good but as an intern in an accounting firm, I’m a junior in college and our summer agendum for this school year is internship.

The very first time that I lay my foot on the ground of the building where the office resides, I feel extremely anxious and nervous at the same time, facing the owner feels like all the butterflies in my stomach suddenly came into a rush inside of me, and my brain keeps on telling me: I’m screwed! On the first day, we were oriented and all that formal conversations and agreements, afterwards, we started right away because we almost miss the spot, I was given a task right away and that is auditing, from where I struggle with summarizing transactions, but as the days pass by, I’m starting to learn new things! Although I experience a lot of stress and sleep deprivation, I can still feel the urge to go to work every single day and face all these challenges that might come. I feel excited around all these tall stack of papers.

These circumstances made me realize how to be more independent and disciplined, facing the struggles of the real world that will help me grow as a woman, as a human being. This work made me realize the most important content of the principle, and that is hard work. We need hard work in order for us to get the things that we dream of, there is no such beautiful thing that we can have in an instant, see here, instant cup noodles are edible yet they are not comparable to our moms’ cooking at home right? What I’m trying to say is that, true success is not all about satisfaction it is all about contentment.

Needless to say, this chapter of my life taught me things which I never knew I would realize as a teenager, I just hope that whatever path you’re in right now, may you find all the good things that matter.


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