The Writer’s Block

mdigest2Not being able to think about writing or pursuing it is a writer’s block. . .

Every writer, I’m pretty sure had undergone this phenomenon called “writer’s block” this happens when one writer cannot think of anything related to writing – the topics and ideas as well as the urge to write. It is a really hard thing to undergo to because of not being able to pursue something that you love for a period of time, and it is frustrating. As a writer for 3 years now, I have gone through this for many times ever since I started, and the problem is that, I can’t really express myself well, it seemed like the words don’t fit in wherever I put it, I can’t find the right phrase or adjective or sentences to a topic or story I’m writing about, I just simply can’t and I don’t know why, it seemed like ideas suddenly vanished from the back of my mind and I keep thinking about it all day yet it doesn’t come off.

Since I had been struggling with it for so long, I thought of the things that a writer must do during this course of event to be able to get back on track again.


I am telling you folks, do not even try to write if you are undergoing the writer’s block, this is actually based on my experience when I tried to write about a random topic and the result wasn’t pleasing at all so I ended up deleting it, you just have to accept it, breathe in and let the tension go, don’t be pressured by your readers, I know they can understand you.


Imagination is one key to a good writing so take this time as an opportunity to get yourself a break that you deserve, meditate on things and also, try to read other blog entries as well as books in order to gain back the imagination and ideas that you’ve lost, maybe by then, you’ll be able to ponder on something great!


Remember, you’re just taking a break, that means you’re not going to stop, keep pushing on your dreams and live on those ideas hiding inside your brain cells, maybe it’s just that your brain needs a bit of a break, just take your time, and your momentum will come back soon enough. Do not be sad if you can’t post about anything on your blog, just be patient and don’t overthink about it instead, rest, take some good sleep or eat outside with family and friends, because the more you think about it, the more that your mind will be preoccupied that you can’t think of anything else other than that.

These are all basic steps, and you can elaborate it more in your own way to make your own list of ways to conquer the powerful writer’s block.


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