Love: What Do We Really Know About it?

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I don’t know much but the thing is, people nowadays seemed to portray love as obsessive and possessive, lovers often call each other “mine” or else, consider themselves as “someone’s property”, for me, as far as my knowledge is concerned, I feel like that is a bit too much.

If you are loved by someone, you are not his property and he is not your property, a person should never be treated as an object or something that can be owned, he is not your slave and you are not his, love gives freedom. A relationship is supposed to be a partnership of two persons who give both of their strength as well as weaknesses together in order to understand and accept each other, it is not supposed to “fix” you as nobody is perfect.

If you love someone, you should not restrict his actions to the point that he feels suffocated and guarded, he is not a prisoner. Loving someone is being happy because he is happy, being satisfied and contented, being able to smile because of nothing, being able to see beyond things, feeling uplifted and free, feeling appreciated, and feeling coAugust-10-2012-01-36-31-abcdsfremfortable with your own skin. Loving someone is being childish and immature in state of maturity, you grow and learn things together, and no matter what you always choose that person because you love him.

They say that as years pass by relationships, it will eventually get boring and you get tired of the person, so it means that loving a person is a choice. . . no, that is actually not just a choice, it’s a path – a magnetic force that draws you to the person no matter what, it’s not just a choice, because if that is the case, then you can “unlove” someone easily because you always tend to get logical and rational about things within your relationship – always trying to find the reason about why did you choose that person, meaning, always questioning your feelings toward each other. If you love someone with no particular reason, that is what you call unconditional love – no limitations, no conditions, no reasons, just pure intentions for the person means, true love, the kind of love that is hard to find but worthy of a lifetime.



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