Do you have this feeling of being tired of always understanding others? That you always has to adjust for them because that’s what they think you are – an adaptor. Having a reputation like that is a big deal – yes, it is, people might be thinking of you (unconsciously) like a thing that is really useful whenever they need it.

Being considerate towards others is a really good trait of a human person, however being abused because of it is out of the bounds, I’ve got this habit of always agreeing to other people and not having arguments because I feel like I don’t have the right to, or I feel that if I would argue with the person, I don’t stand a chance to win over him / her, and right now, I realized that my perspective was wrong. Arguments aren’t competition on proving who’s right from who is wrong, we perceive those as having the power to humiliate or to be humiliated by others, arguments are meant to be fruitful and expressive, being in an argument means that you are firm with your beliefs and views about the topic and not stepping over one’s pride and dignity at the same time. Having the tendency to always agree with others even though you don’t really intend to is not healthy for you, there’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself and for the things that you believe in, because not being able to may give the people a wrong impression about you, they might view you as a weak person and use you to gain their desires.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-11_at_오후_4.28.59Recently, I have finished watching this Korean Drama called, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” and I think, it can help the society to have an open mind with the view about women. In the drama, the main character, Do Bong Soon, is a cute-looking woman who has an incredible strength and because she is a woman, guys always judge her and try to provoke her with their physical strength, therefore she decided to use hers to help other people especially the women and the weak. Through this drama, I have realized that we should move towards gender equality and respect towards each other, we shall not use other people’s weakness for our own gain – that is just selfish!

Your reliable motivator is yourself, be wise! Being considerate of others is good thing but being abused because of it is not, do not let other people use you, too much dependence on others is not healthy for you and for them, yes no man is an island, but please don’t let others invade you, you must know how to build your own fortress to protect yourself, the world out there is a jungle, have less expectations from others, do not let them use you in order to gain their approval because you don’t have to, remember, there are people out there who appreciates you as YOU – they are the people that you should value because they are the rarest treasures that even the most precious stone on earth couldn’t afford.



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