Life Lately 11: One Boring Summer

11109712_990913840948996_5396961432986398347_oWhile others are having fun in the sun, I’m sitting in my room, having none. . . 

Summer is always a good time for vacation and enjoyment – taking a breath of fresh air while drawing away from responsibilities and stress, it is probably the favorite season of most people as they go on different summer adventures and activities, having the time of their lives. For those people who don’t have the funds to go on an extravagant vacation, we tend to go on, stay-cation – in the warmth and comfort of your own room instead of laying flat on the sand in the beach, chilling beside your fan or aircon while watching movies instead of splashing water with your family and friends in the pool, or eating stuff from the fridge instead of having a feast outside.

We can still enjoy summer in any way possible, and here are some of the ways you might wanna do:

1. Exercise – instead of just laying around your house – eating or sleeping the whole day, why not try to break a sweat and work your way out of your comfort zone? You can try a little adventure by running/cycling in your neighborhood early in the day, encourage your family to join or meet new people outside, burning up all those calories is better than just burning up your skin right?

2. Learn a New Skill – summer isn’t worth spending on doing nothing, so get out there and try to learn a new skill or try to improve yourself, you can consult your social media with that, just try searching on Google or YouTube, you can also start a new hobby or do a summer job, spending time for recreational activities is healthy for you and your brain, let your brain cells be filled with useful information!

3. Talk to old pals – reconnect with your good old pals, being busy with school or work activities can be stressful which leads to you not having time for some of your friends – from high school or even your childhood friends. Feeling nostalgic because of those good old memories – fun and amazing, bringing back the good times and vibes is a good way to spend that boring summer that you had.

Among these three things, I wish that you guys had an amazing, splashing, and adventurous summer (for those who just had it) and for those people who are just starting, I hope that you have a well-spent summer vacation, just don’t forget to spend more time with your family and live life ’cause you only have one. . .


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