The So-called NBSB

14444701_1331901073516936_2958416888766187296_oNo experience, no right to speak . . .

Girls who haven’t been in a relationship their whole life are called No Boyfriend Since Birth or NBSB and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, however, sometimes, we simply just can’t get away with some situations specially if all of our friends are in a relationship. You may get a random question like, “why don’t you have a boyfriend?”  or else, getting your advice questioned by a friend because you got no experience, and despite of all the circumstances, you still choose (somehow) to stay single, and some of the possible reasons are:

1. You don’t have time.
Sometimes, you are just too busy about things – you wanna travel, spend more time with friends, or pursue your dream career and dating doesn’t seemed to fit your schedule at the moment. Don’t worry, about it, you can always find that special someone sooner or later while you pursue your dreams, he might just come along without you even noticing.

2. You are not yet ready for the commitment.
When you’re single, you gain independence and full control of what you do or what you want, you don’t have any relationship rules or restrictions from your boyfriend, being in a relationship means being committed to the person, and you know to yourself that you are not ready for that – yet; being in a relationship when not ready for commitment is like dropping a time bomb, which, obviously will explode soon enough, and you might only hurt the feelings of the person – specially if he put so much effort, time and feelings for you; that situation can lead to argument and breakup, so if you don’t feel like it, don’t do it.

3. It is not your priority yet.
You want to work and pay for the bills of your family, needless to say, you are the breadwinner so that means dating isn’t in the top list of your priorities as you have people to give your time and effort, having a boyfriend may become as hassle since you have to divide your attention and time between the two (him and your family). The other reason is because you have a career or dream you want to achieve in your life, you wanna do more as an individual and reach your goals.

4. You are independent.
Best people in life are free, and so you are! You have an inner Belle in you, feisty, witty, and beautiful inside and out, all that you need is the Beast who can appreciate and respect you, just take your time, but still, remember, you have to do something, don’t just lie around there trying to wait for him okay, you are not a princess who needs rescuing but a sophisticated and independent woman that a worthy man would someday call his queen.

5. You have strict parents.
One of the reasons why parents restrict their children from having relationships is because they know that you are not ready yet, and your are too young, remember our parents only want the best for us, and they know exactly what it is like to be in a relationship with someone, they know how it goes, and as for teenagers, unexpected events might happen that our parents don’t want us to get into, sooner or later, they will let you be, and actually try to push you to go out there and find the love of your life.

Being single isn’t bad after all, you get to experience things by yourself and learn how to be independent, it is better to take a good time on exploring and knowing yourself first. Learn to love yourself first so that you can share that love to other people.


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