Staying Focused

13680287_1264876723552705_4921527831624315863_oDistractions are everywhere and it’s your task to go on with your path without getting tempted to give in. . . 

I. Know your goal/s.
Knowing your destination is much better for you can find a map that suits your travel so that you can focus more on mastering the paths on the map to find the most efficient way to get on your destination. In the situation where you are trying to stay focused, knowing that you’re walking on the right path can lead you to something great. When you have a clear goal in your mind and in your heart, you can focus and plan better, you can find more opportunities that can help dig up the pathway towards your goal.

II. Stay away from technology
This is probably the most difficult task to do, staying away from every bits of technology – phone, laptop,etc. If you’re trying to get back on your track, put you phone down, turn on the airplane mode, sit back, relax, and start your task, and if this is not applicable to you, you can always put your phone on vibrate or silent mode if it is near you or put it on sound and place it at least 5 meters away from you because you want to refrain yourself from checking on that phone every single time.

III. Concentrate.
Concentration is relaxation of the mind, it helps you get into focus, when you concentrate on something, every single thing around you will disappear from your sight, every sound that can potentially bother you will fade away, your mind and your soul will only focus on that one thing. Concentration for me, is the hardest to attain yet the most effective way of making the best out of everything that I do, it requires time and discipline, if you master this, you’ll be productive without even realizing it.

IV. Think about the feeling of having your goal accomplished.
Sometimes, you don’t really have to see it, you just have to feel it. Imagine that you succeeded, think about it, the feeling, the satisfaction, the uplifting moment, it’s amazing right? couldn’t it get any better if you make it happen? Hard work is like a drug, you keep on doing it because of you want the feeling.

VI. Do not spill.
No matter what, do not tell anyone about  your plans in your life even with your bestfriend or family, why? It’s because telling someone about your plans might make you think about it twice, you will insecure and doubtful for that plan because you know that these people have expectations from you that you have to fulfill, so, in order for you to work efficiently and have more focus on your goals, work hard in silence and let your success make the noise, you’ll not be insecure thus, working silently will give you more confidence and motivation.

Stay focus, do not try to meet the standards of other people ’cause you’re not living for that, you’re living for your dreams, your goals and your aspirations, don’t slack off just because someone told you that you can’t, and most importantly, do not depend on other people that much because your best motivator is YOU, just keep your faith and keep your head straight, don’t forget to pray and everything will be okay.


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