The Third Wheel


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Not the first, nor second, but third!

Experiences leads us to the way of thinking that we have in our minds right now. As the world becomes smaller, most young adults are busy finding the one – the love of their lives, so there is a good chance that you have a friend who is in a relationship and you had experienced being a third wheel.

As I mentioned earlier, experiences lead us to understanding the world that we know, and if you experience being a third wheel you might probably have this in your mind, “Now, I know the feeling”, yeah, that feeling of being awkward around those people who are dating when all you can do is to get your phone from your pocket and “browse” reluctantly until they approach and ask if you’re okay and you’re like: “hell yeah! I’m fine! really fine ALONE (insert sarcasm here)” what is the point of bringing you with them if they would only find time to spend for each other while they seem to have their own universe? I mean, my biggest question is, “is it really a bother to be a third wheel?”, “is there something wrong with that?” and “what to do if you feel uncomfortable about it?”

Question No. 1: Is it really a bother to be a third wheel?
Well, it actually depends on those people, for a few (according to, there are different types of third wheel), it isn’t a bother but for some people like me, it is, no hate tho, just stating reality here. It’s just that, you feel like you’re out of place, you don’t actually know where to stuff yourself, you feel left out – and that is one of the most unwanted feeling ever!

Question No. 2: Is there something wrong with that?
There is nothing wrong with being a supportive friend, but then, it has its own limits. Yes, you are there, right beside them but they pretend that you didn’t exist, and the hardest part is you have to endure that moment where you have to witness their intimacy with each other – not being your usual bitter self but it’s just simply awkward. There’s nothing wrong with being a third wheel people, and some were okay with that because they’ve already built their relationship with the couple so they’re cool, but then the rest aren’t really comfortable with that kind of awkward situation.

Question No. 3: What to do if you feel uncomfortable about it?
So, how can you be a third wheel in the most pleasant way possible? Here it is:

  • Just let them be, because if you’re an introverted person, there’s probably a good chance that you will just sit right there in the corner and face reality, so just let them be until they can realize that you’re existing.
  • The next possible thing is to leave them be, I mean, you can just excuse yourself and tell them that your mom needs you as of the moment so you better get back home, inform them then you can go on your own, peacefully, no awkwardness or whatsoever.
  • Lastly, the most common thing that you do in most cases of awkwardness, get a little help from you phone in three easy steps: (1) snap your phone from your pocket, (2) open the music app and/or your favorite E-book, (3) headphones in and you are safe my friend.

As I mentioned earlier, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a third wheel and we cannot blame the couple too, and it’s also a good experience because you can learn something from being a third wheel: do not put other people in those kinds of awkward and uncomfortable situation because you already know how it feels. . .


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