Life Lately 12: Sticking to a Habit


I find it really hard to stick into a habit after all those sticky notes on my wall with my schedule written all over. Trying to stick into a habit is not easy, if you search the internet, you will find ways to train yourself on a routine and stick to it for life. This is one among the things which are easier said than done, because if you are an adventurous person like me, having a kind of routine is like tracing a 2-dimensional drawing that you think should be a 3-dimensional, so you ended up shading outside of that line.

I’ve thought of the factors that affects the pattern of following a routine, as we all know, people have different routines and perspectives so not all of those how to stick into a habit steps are effective for all of us. Don’t worry folks, these are not steps to stick into a habit but more of like the factors that you can identify yourself and help you know what routine or plan is applicable for you (just try to make sure that you put this one into action and not just a plan though). By the way, I’m listening to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 Ode to Joy so, I’m quite joyful while writing this.


1. Self Discipline – you might not realize it, but self discipline is one big factor to how sticky a habit will become. It may be low, moderate, or high, you may always start small if you want you self discipline to be strong, you can learn it no matter what, just always remember to push it through with the power of your body and your mind.

2. Competitiveness – challenge yourself! Stay intact, stay focused! treat that as an achievement, maybe your sense of competitiveness should be awaken, sticking into a habit is one self achievement that everyone should be proud of because it’s a matter of the mind, if you won’t put your mind into it, you will not do it, so go ahead and start now!
For an amazing reminder check this out:Staying Focused

3. Sleeping pattern – your sleeping pattern may greatly affect your habits, because it is connected with your night routine that affects your morning routine, this effect is what we call the domino effect where change of a factor can greatly affect the others as well. Do not prevent yourself from sleeping because that’s what you need – energy for the whole day, so get up and start to set your body clock by sleeping and waking up at a fixed amount of time every single day. 

4. Eating habit – your body is sacred, it is your temple, you have to take good care of it by filling your guts with good food (not jut good but real ones), stay away from those junk foods and be more active with preparing good stuff, like home cooked meals, you know like the ones which made by your mom when you were still a child (maybe until now).The food that you eat has a great effect on your well being as well as your brain function – you need nutrient-filled blood cells to circulate in your brain for good results.

5. Psychological factors – the way of thinking that you have, are you a pessimist or an optimist? As for my case I’m sort of both, and the way of how we perceive and receive reality is one major element towards pursuing our own habits. As a person, you should be able to think clearly of the ways that you must do in order for you stick into a habit, it takes power of the action  to be able to do one thing and power of the mind  to be able to pursue it.



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