An Overdosed Society

Medicine  Pills

We consume more than what is prescribed. . . 

Figuratively speaking though, we live in a world of civilization where technology has come to affect each and everyone of us, but the more we become advanced and modern, the more we become cavemen and prisoners of technology. It is not bad to share to the world the things that you value in your life, but, trying so hard just to match the trend isn’t pleasing at all.

I’ve watch this video on Instagram where people “try hard” just to get the perfect photo to post on social media to the point that they are lying just so they can get likes, this video got me astounded because this is happening in real life – right now! People only care about the attention that they can get from social media, the approval from other people and you know, this is bad, because we try to pretend! We are being pretentious, trying to be the ideal person of the society, the trend, the #goals, maybe we are just imitating others, or drawing inspiration from them because we wanted to be our better selves, but then, trying to create this pretentious world just for the sake of the attention-seeking is a way of fooling ourselves.a77278e9-6c57-45cc-8d09-537275958d3b

Be yourself, that’s what they always say, but then, it is a huge challenge to be the rule breaker in this world full of following-the-trend where almost everything becomes instant, yes, this is what mankind has dreamed of but not to this point, not to the point where we only live to brag and promote self-praise. The good and bad side of technology is there, it’s the matter of choosing wisely between those, however, people get to be dragged into the “bad side” and not for the good, we are being lured in without even realizing it, we are being tempted to post things to make ourselves feel better having the kind of mentality where we can say that we are better from other people because we have things like an iPhone, or a Mac Book, or a Rolex watch – bragging that we have these things on social media; and by the end of the day, have you ever asked yourself if these people who always likes your posts or comments on them really care about you in real life? or were these “friends” of yours on Facebook really love you for who you are as a person and not for the famous Facebook friend that they have? Just come to think of that. . . . PLEASE, because the more I think of it, the more I realize that we are becoming overdosed of technology – killing ourselves without even realizing it.

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