Life Lately 13: Black Hole Inside Your Universe

Everything around you seemed to be dark, lonely and sad.
It has been growing inside me, I thought I was happy, but still, I have doubts, I can’t trust other people and I can’t seem to have any positivity left.
Happiness is inside all of us – that’s is absolutely true, however, we might need someone who is willing to dig out that happiness that’s been buried deeply inside our concrete hearts. I’ve written a blog post about happiness (Blog post: Happy) in the past, but then sometimes, you wanna question yourself, why? That feeling of emptiness is slowly eating you up like a black hole in the universe, absorbing all things including light. It’s just that, your heart feels heavy every single day and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to focus on things, you are not yourself, you are just covering up your true feelings because you know that people would not understand you so you just wanna cry. 
These are the times where you can only rely on God and yourself, you might feel empty and lonely but just let the light of God shine through you and let Him take over on your steering wheel. As for yourself, be brave! this is the perfect time for you to find your inner strengths and weaknesses, meditate and take a break, learn how to be independent, do what you love and know what you love. This is the time where you will know who really cares and who don’t, if there’s someone, then let them stay, and for those who don’t care, leave them be, let them go.
Do not let that black hole eat you up, stay optimistic and continue with your journey, always bear in mind that you are not alone, life has its ups and downs, let those downs bring you up and let those ups bring your feet on the ground.
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