The Benefits of Blogging

As an aspiring writer, finding your own platform is a really difficult thing to do because if you want to excel in your craft, you have be consistent and flexible at the same time, mastery of your content is the primary key to producing good quality, read – worthy piece and you can do that in different forms of creative writing like: poetry, novels, blogs and other literary works. To begin with, I would like to show you and bring you to the world of “blogging” because it is my wonderland, my playground and my temple of creativity and inspiration.

Knowing the benefits of blogging can inspire you more to write and continue with your journey as a writer. I know that we have different purpose why we write in the first place, but then it’s inevitable not to have doubts with regards to the destination of your works, you might have questioned yourself sometimes: is it worth it? And now, I’m already telling you, everything that you’re writing as of this moment is worth it, as long as you put your heart and soul into it, here’s why:

1. Blogging gives you freedom
That freedom is no other than freedom of writing and self expression! Yes, that is one of the most amazing forms of freedom, when your blogging you own your thoughts, you are free to write whatever you feel like to, you can go anonymus if you want so that other people will not see you other than your works, you can rant about anything basically, as long as you always bear in mind that words are powerful so you better choose carefully and take responsibility in every content that you will write.

2. Blogging gives hope and inspiration
Blogs can give inspiration and motivation for those who need it. Blogs (in whatever topic they’re dedicated to) can give us hope that if these people can do, then why can’t we? As bloggers, we can tell people how we feel and learning about those who can relate gives us the feeling of comfort and hope that we are not alone, helping each other through words is a powerful thing that can make someone feel better.

3. Blogging is learning
As we continue to make blog entries, we also continue to learn. When you write, you are using logic and critical thinking, and that kind of brain activity is healthy for you in a more life – related way, trying to learn from your own experiences, and turning the bad ones into inspiration and motivation for the betterment of oneself is a good example of learning. Trying to get a grip from those bad experiences and encounters in life and being able to understand things on a different perspective because of those is an achievement that one person should be proud of because that paves the way towards maturity – a kind of lesson that is really hard to achieve but everyone needs.

There’s so much more to blogging than just simply writing opinions and “boring” articles, you just have to discover it so why not try, experience blogging yourself and join the community?


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