Sunday Currently | 10

This is a really hectic week for me, lots of things are going on, I have lots of examinations to take and when I say “a lot”, I mean, every single day, not an exaggeration though, but it’s reality, every day, we have exams of different topics that we’ve learned from the past 3 years of our college life. I think I’ll be needing more than a dose of coffee a day to survive this whole week, and there is actually a bonus, we have no weekends! yes, even Sundays, we have review to prepare us for the board exams. I was really stressed but then it’s still fun to test my knowledge with regards to the different topics , it’s satisfying to study and appreciate the thing that I haven’t focused in the past. So next Sunday, I’ll be at school, working my ass off for my future.

Reading. A book in accounting ’cause it all makes more sense to me now, I’ve figured out how important it is to be a consistent learner.

Wishing. That for the nest time that I will go to the bookstore, I have tons of money to buy the complete Harry Potter series because I don’t know what spell did Harry cast on me to be this addicted to the book. #Potterhead

Thinking. About my plans, my learning map – on how am I suppose to finish it as soon as possible.

Hoping. That I can become the person that I wanted to be, that I can be able to pursue my plans for my life – my career, my aspirations for my family and for myself.

Listening. To the Spotify playlist that I’ve made, I think I’ll be hooked up with this music app, and I think that I’m going to go on premium after the 7 – day trial because, why not?

I think I’d be more discipline nowadays, my social life will go small, but then I will not give up on my passion for writing, I’d wanted to be an accountant, but I’ll always be a blogger.


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