The Art of Procrastination

You have your so – called “To DO” list on the palm of your  hands wondering how fast does time flied in order for you not to do anything that’s written on it?

Procrastination is something that we do every single day of our lives, the fact that you’re supposed to be doing your research, or homework or even household chores, you ended up sitting on the couch, lounging around your house or eating out. You have loads of stuff that you should’ve done when the clock strikes a certain point of time, but then, you haven’t even started even a single one – you feel lazy but guilty at the same time, and I know, it definitely sucks.

It just turns out, procrastinating and laziness is somewhat good for us! One thing is for sure, we all need rest, so basically being lazy sometimes is not that bad, all we have to do is to minimize laziness and learn how to control it to get ourselves together and have the discipline that we need in order for us to continue with our progress.

I’ve pondered on the things that can help you pave your own way towards productiveness, it’s has been effective for me, and I hope that it’s going to be the same for you.

1. Plan Ahead.
Planning ahead of time is important to know the way, it will serve as your guiding map towards your direction and progress. Plan the things that you will do next day the night before so that you can have a clear path towards productivity, knowing the things that you’re supposed to do will make you plan precisely in accordance with the need of time towards a certain task as well as the time needed to fulfill your daily routine.

2. Have a sleep routine
I know that all of us have this night routine, and that is something that we should prioritize if we want a consistent morning / daily routine. Having a fixed time of sleep means having a fixed time of waking up the next day, therefore you can plan more precisely and get things done on time without wasting it.

3. Stay away from technology
Put your phone down, seal it in a bag then do your thing. I’m pretty sure that you can work efficiently if nothing is bothering you so use your time wisely, yes we are all given equal amount of time for the day, and technology is the one of the most common “eaters” of one’s time, prevention is better than cure so, before you even got to momentum, make sure that you get rid of distractions.

4. Have  a “lazy day”
After a long tiring week, make sure to give yourself a reward by having a lazy day for the week – a day where you can eat the things that you crave and just do Netflix and chill, distract yourself with technology and social media as long as you want making sure that it is only limited ti that day. If you think that a day is kind of ridiculous and you’re a work-a-holic person, why not try “lazy time”? just make sure that you give yourself a break atleast once a week in order for you to function properly.

5. Just do it!
NO. MORE. EXCUSES. okay? just do it! It is alright not to have sense of time because it means that you are doing what yo’re supposed to, you have discipline, losing tack of time means you are focused and motivated to get things dome your own way so , just do it and don’t let any other thing stop you.


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