15590082_1433199770053732_2271088129134269449_nBonjour! This is Louise, the missteriousmisty blogger, how do I start from here? I’m 18 years old, currently a senior in college from the Pearl of the Orient Seas – The Philippines, so yeah, you’re guessing it right, I’m a Filipina!

I spent my childhood in a small provincial town in Nueva Ecija, a province in the central of Luzon – one of the three main islands of the country. Ever since I was a child, I am really shy and introverted, so I spend most of my time reading books but when social media started to boom, my interest in books and other reading materials became at stake that is why one of the purposes for the blog is to bring awareness on the proper use of social media especially for our current and future generation, also, I had experienced some forms of bullying during high school so I wanted to spread awareness to that as well. Going through all of the hardships and insecurities that have grown inside me, I finally found my way towards speaking and expressing myself, telling people experiences that I have or ideas that come through my mind to help them and inspire them with their journey in life.


Writing became part of my life when I was in 4th year highschool – I have this notebook where I used to write a story about a nerd who has a crush to some school heartthrob (cliché isn’t it?); honestly, I never knew that I have this extreme passion for creative writing, it just started from a hobby, I used to write stories, but random thoughts had been invading my mind ever since so I thought, why not try to turn these ramdom thoughts/realizations into something inspiring? And from there, I start to build my own blog, slowly but surely.
Well, as we’re getting to our destination, here are some fun(?) facts about me:
1. I love to cook as well as to eat, I can pull off lasagna, baked macaroni, and other Filipino dishes.
2. I’m a hundred percent introverted person yet outgoing and adventurous, I always find peace and happiness whenever I travel.
3. I joined WordPress in 2015 but then, I haven’t been seriously attached to blogging immediately, I posted things which aren’t really “bloggable” back then, so I  had a very slow progress with my blog.
4. My major in college is far from literature and other writing-related courses, I am an accounting major so, I focus more on the finances in my future field of work.

5. I love chocolates! well, I don’t actually know if should tell you this but I really love them, ever since, I would always pick any chocolate-flavored dessert, for example, I’m not a big fan of cakes but if the cake is chocolate flavored, I can eat a huge portion of that; when I want to eat ice cream, I would always look for the rocky road flavor, so, I’m a self proclaimed chocolate addict and I think I might need to undergo rehabilitation for that.

Thank you so much for taking time read this “about me” page, I really do appreciate that, I will always appreciate every ounce of time that you spend here on my blog, I will continue with writing under the guidance of God of course because all that I want is to inspire people like you. God bless!


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