Life Lately 13: Black Hole Inside Your Universe

Everything around you seemed to be dark, lonely and sad. It has been growing inside me, I thought I was happy, but still, I have doubts, I can't trust other people and I can't seem to have any positivity left. Happiness is inside all of us - that's is absolutely true, however, we might need... Continue Reading →


Life Lately 12: Sticking to a Habit

  I find it really hard to stick into a habit after all those sticky notes on my wall with my schedule written all over. Trying to stick into a habit is not easy, if you search the internet, you will find ways to train yourself on a routine and stick to it for life.... Continue Reading →

Life Lately 11: One Boring Summer

While others are having fun in the sun, I'm sitting in my room, having none. . .  Summer is always a good time for vacation and enjoyment - taking a breath of fresh air while drawing away from responsibilities and stress, it is probably the favorite season of most people as they go on different summer... Continue Reading →

Life Lately 10: Life at Work

I was so exhausted these past few days but I learned a lot.  . . Coming home late at night, spending long hours sitting on a chair facing loads of paper works, coming early to the office before other employees - it sucks. I've been really busy these past few days and that is the... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY 09: I have my plans

I have plans too, I just don't pursue them. . .  Google Calendar, Time Tune, Note Pad, etc., I always use them, people always use them to create plans to guide them with their goals - maybe for a day or for the week, however, for me it's not the case, I always have my... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY 08: Competing with Time

I didn't know that I've been competing with time for the past 7 years. Competing with everyone isn't healthy choice. For the past years, I was struggling and now, I've learned to let go of the feeling of competing. Humans are competitive beings - that is our nature, however, I feel like I've been into... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY 06: Summer?

Summer? what was that? Many of us were preparing for summer every single year, however, in the past 2 years, I hadn't quite known and experienced summer. Summer classes  are the hindrance that's why, I can't go to the beach, or go out of town just like what other people are doing because I have... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY 05: Believe

FAITH is seeing light with your heart when all that your eyes can see is darkness. That feeling of insecurity that arises whenever someone is around, or the feeling of inferiority whenever you took an exam and everyone ace it except for you. Yes, I know the feeling, I just don't know if it's our... Continue Reading →

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