Niceness Vs. Kindness: Know the Difference

“Kindness connects to who you are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen.” - David Levithan, Every Day We are often deceived by the idea that a person who is being nice is being kind at the same time, well, that perception and idea turns out to be wrong. You can hate... Continue Reading →


It’s Not Just a Phrase

How easy is it for a person to say, "I love you"?. It is probably the most used phrase in all of the world, three words, I, love, and you, as simple as it seems or as easy as it might be, it has a deeper meaning that can easily dig out a hole on... Continue Reading →


Is it really possible for a human not to be envious at all? Envy is one of the 7 Deadly Sins and many people knew about this, but then it can't be helped but to be envious sometimes, afterall, we are human beings who have emotions and feelings. According to the teachings of the Catholic... Continue Reading →

Hindi na Kita Kita

Isa, isang beses lang napatingin ako'y kinabahan na Tila isang senaryong hinango sa k drama Huminto ang paligid, mga tao'y nawala Tibok ng puso'y dinig at hindi makahinga Dalawa, dalawang beses akong pumikit ng makita kita Hindi kasi makapaniwala sa aking nadama Tatlo, tatlong segundo bago ko putulin Ang pagtingin sa mga mata mong nakatitig... Continue Reading →

The Chaos Inside Us

That feeling of always being stressed about a small, simple thing that you did a while ago that it bothers you so much to the point where you can't even sleep or focus on the thing that you are doing, and no matter what you do, your head is full of that one single thought... Continue Reading →

Cramming at It’s Finest

Everyone has that incident where you somehow need to meet the deadline but then your body, your mood, or your motivation couldn't keep up. Cramming, is probably one of the most regretted point in someone's life, you want to have a productive life but then you ended up watching your favorite Netflix series, or else,... Continue Reading →


People treat you like a wall because they know that you would always be there - standing still. That feeling of being alone although you are surrounded by the people that you call "friends", you still feel like a trash to your own self, you don't have enough self confidence to put you through hardships... Continue Reading →

The Art of Procrastination

You have your so - called "To DO" list on the palm of your  hands wondering how fast does time flied in order for you not to do anything that's written on it? Procrastination is something that we do every single day of our lives, the fact that you're supposed to be doing your research,... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Blogging

As an aspiring writer, finding your own platform is a really difficult thing to do because if you want to excel in your craft, you have be consistent and flexible at the same time, mastery of your content is the primary key to producing good quality, read - worthy piece and you can do that... Continue Reading →

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