Niceness Vs. Kindness: Know the Difference

“Kindness connects to who you are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen.” - David Levithan, Every Day We are often deceived by the idea that a person who is being nice is being kind at the same time, well, that perception and idea turns out to be wrong. You can hate... Continue Reading →


Bakit Gano’n?

Bakit dati, tandang tanda ko ang bawat detalye ng mukha mo At iyong ngiti mong malawak Habang ang mga kamay natin ay magkahawak Bakit dati, lagi akong naiilang Tuwing makakasalubong ka ako'y kinakabahan Ni hindi nga ako matingin at nag - aabang Na batiin mo kahit isang saglit lang Dati pag nakita kita, ako'y napapatiklop... Continue Reading →


Is it really possible for a human not to be envious at all? Envy is one of the 7 Deadly Sins and many people knew about this, but then it can't be helped but to be envious sometimes, afterall, we are human beings who have emotions and feelings. According to the teachings of the Catholic... Continue Reading →

Love: What Do We Really Know About it?

I don't know much but the thing is, people nowadays seemed to portray love as obsessive and possessive, lovers often call each other "mine" or else, consider themselves as "someone's property", for me, as far as my knowledge is concerned, I feel like that is a bit too much. If you are loved by someone,... Continue Reading →

Discovering Your Passion

Seriously, I know that I love to do things but, what really is my passion? As the days go pass by me, I came to realize, that I truly have a passion for numbers and calculations, never have I ever thought of that for the past years of my life! I thought, I have a passion... Continue Reading →


I have something inside me Something that’s been hiding for years It covers me in shell but I want to be free For a long period of time it lead me to tears   I can’t stand it anymore Don’t want to hide no more I don’t want to be a fool ‘Cause I know... Continue Reading →

Quotes | 02

Maturity doesn't come with age, it doesn't come with experience neither, maturity is the way of how a man sees the world and adopt to it with an open mind and heart to know when to resist and when to insist.


Failure is not a defeat unless you stop trying. . . This mantra has been going on through my life for 7 years now, and I can say that I've learned quite a lot from this statement. As human beings, failure is inevitable but that is not the reason why we should stop doing our... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY 05: Believe

FAITH is seeing light with your heart when all that your eyes can see is darkness. That feeling of insecurity that arises whenever someone is around, or the feeling of inferiority whenever you took an exam and everyone ace it except for you. Yes, I know the feeling, I just don't know if it's our... Continue Reading →

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