An Overdosed Society

We consume more than what is prescribed. . .  Figuratively speaking though, we live in a world of civilization where technology has come to affect each and everyone of us, but the more we become advanced and modern, the more we become cavemen and prisoners of technology. It is not bad to share to the... Continue Reading →

The Chocolate of Change

I used to be inlove with this chocolate but now, my feelings change, my taste changed, and I just simply don't like it anymore. . . Toblerone, is the brand of chocolate that everyone likes, I always see it being sold in stores wherever place I might go, it's like everyone's favorite chocolate nowadays, well,... Continue Reading →


Introverts fills up 16% - 50% of the population, well, that's a lot and guess what? I'm one of them. . .  How does it feel? The feeling of an introvert? well, for me, there are lots of moments when I only want to spend time alone, no noises, no interactions, no distractions, just me,... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY 09: I have my plans

I have plans too, I just don't pursue them. . .  Google Calendar, Time Tune, Note Pad, etc., I always use them, people always use them to create plans to guide them with their goals - maybe for a day or for the week, however, for me it's not the case, I always have my... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY 08: Competing with Time

I didn't know that I've been competing with time for the past 7 years. Competing with everyone isn't healthy choice. For the past years, I was struggling and now, I've learned to let go of the feeling of competing. Humans are competitive beings - that is our nature, however, I feel like I've been into... Continue Reading →

Discovering Your Passion

Seriously, I know that I love to do things but, what really is my passion? As the days go pass by me, I came to realize, that I truly have a passion for numbers and calculations, never have I ever thought of that for the past years of my life! I thought, I have a passion... Continue Reading →


I have something inside me Something that’s been hiding for years It covers me in shell but I want to be free For a long period of time it lead me to tears   I can’t stand it anymore Don’t want to hide no more I don’t want to be a fool ‘Cause I know... Continue Reading →

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