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Hi! This is Lou the owner of this blog called  Missteriousmisty. How did I come up of this? Well, I’ve been an aspiring writer since I was in highschool and started writing stories in Wattpad however, I become inspired and pumped by the idea of blogging and started my own. Blogging for me is free expression of thoughts and ideas – that most of the time, we do not know where to share. So instead of posting these things on social media, why not start my own blog and try to be more creative and passionate about writing?

Why Missteriousmisty?

This name came up to my mind many years ago as I was thinking of a user name that I will use on Wattpad, I wanted my readers to know me as a misterious yet interesting writer, it’s just ironic how I came up with the word  misty – according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, it means not clearly seen or remembered; I want to be remembered and known by people though. To sum it up, the anatomy of the name of my blog:  Missterious – ‘miss’ because I’m a girl, ‘misterious’ because I wanted to be one; Misty – ironically speaking, I wanted to be remembered.


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